Dog Stay Policy

Staying with your dog at Monk Haven Manor B&B

Well behaved dogs are more than welcome to come with you during your stay with us at Monk Haven Manor. This is, however, subject to availability in the allocated rooms. We can accommodate your dog in the APPLE STORE and GOFAN rooms only. Please call us on 01646 636216 to arrange to stay with your dog so that we may ask you any relevant questions.


Dogs are charged at £10 per day per dog. No pets other than dogs are permitted. We regret that we cannot accept puppies.


We allow up to 2 dogs in the APPLE STORE and only one dog in the GOFAN room.
Please respect the following house rules regarding dogs staying at Monk Haven.


- Please keep your dog under firm control at all times and be aware that there may be other dogs on the premises. They must not interfere with farm stock or the enjoyment of other visitors staying at Monk Haven Manor B&B.


- Please do not allow your dog on any of the furniture. Our soil in Pembrokeshire is red in colour from the local sandstone content. This will stain cloth materials and other soft furnishings. You will be liable for any damages to property including bed linen, soft furnishings and towels if any specialist cleaning is required or property is replaced after your stay.


- Please provide all accessories including bedding, bowls, towels etc required for your dog's stay.


- Please use your own towel to dry your dog and remove any mud or dirt before allowing into your room.


- Your dog must be fully house trained and be kept on a lead at all times when outside your room and in the grounds of the property.


- Please do not allow your dog to foul the grounds. For health and safety reasons please take any dog-waste bags with you to be disposed of by yourself. DO NOT USE THE WHEELIE BINS AT THE REAR OF THE MAIN HOUSE.


- Your dog must not be left unattended in your room. If left unattended in the grounds for any reason, your dog must be securely tied and happy to be left unattended.


- Please be respectful of all other guests by not having your dog accompany you in the breakfast room. Please ensure your dog is comfortable and happy either being tied securely outside or placed in your vehicle for the duration of your breakfast (cool climates only). WARNING - During the height of summer it can become very warm in the sheltered grounds of Monk Haven Manor B&B, even in the morning time so you must not leave dogs in vehicles in hot conditions. Please ensure your vehicle is well ventilated when leaving your dog in an unattended vehicle. Please do not leave any dogs in your vehicle for an extended period of time i.e. longer than your time taken to enjoy your breakfast. We have plenty of outside seating for guests with dogs to enjoy on dry, warm, sunny days.


(Rabies: As the ‘pets passport’ scheme is not foolproof, we regret that we cannot accept pets from countries outside of the British Isles).


We are sure that your dog will have a great holiday in Pembrokeshire with you, exploring all of the beaches and generally having fun. All beaches are dog friendly (you may find a couple of beaches have dog-free zones) and we also have dog friendly pubs. We can recommend The Druidstone Hotel, Druidstone, and The Castle Inn, Little Haven, for the best local dog-friendly welcomes!


Polite notice - Please be fully aware that we may refuse a dogs' stay if the above criteria is not met. As the dog owner you accept responsibility for reading the dog policy prior to booking and to call us with the information regarding your dog and it's suitability for the room and environment. Please adhere to this information to avoid being refused the accommodation at your point of arrival.