Kayaking and Paddle Boarding from Monk Haven Beach

If you are a water-sports enthusiast and the proud owner of a kayak or paddle board, then Monk Haven is the place for you! Our accommodation is situated just a short 5 minute walk from the secluded cove of Monk Haven which is wonderfully sheltered and incredibly easy to get to. The path that leads there is without hills or steep inclines so perfect when needing to manoeuvre a kayak or paddle board. From Monk Haven you can get yourself across to Dale, explore hidden coves and beaches only accessible from the water, or traverse up Sandy Haven and The Gann estuaries. You can venture as far as you please up the Cleddau estuary, or around the Dale peninsula where you will find the beautiful Watick Bay.


Monk Haven is off the beaten track and perfect for those looking for a quieter and more relaxing spot over the busy summer holidays. Perfect for couples, Monk Haven really is the ideal, undiscovered retreat in Pembrokeshire you have been wishing for.